Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trash to Scrapbooking Treasure

Here is a list to inspire you! There are many ideas collected about turning trash into Scrapbooking Treasure. The tips here could be used as well for cardmaking, paper crafting, Artist Trading Card (ATC) embellishing and so much more. Its amazing what objects we cast aside every day could do for us! At Creative Spirit Creations (Ebay ID Narri) we strive to encourage creativity in all aspects of life. Using every day objects in extraodinary ways is one way to let your creativity soar!

* Worn out hotel key cards - for ATC's or small picture backgrounds
* Mesh onion or garlic bags - makes a great background mesh
* Tags from products for templates - Journaling, photo matting and more!
* Ribbon used to tie products - Fiber!!
* Twine that was used to tie products - Fiber!!
* Fringe that fell off a chenille blanket - Fiber!!!
!* Silver stickers that hold new socks together - stick them on pages for accent!
* Cardboard from cereal boxes - background mats or decoration!
* Leftover nails or hinges - accents and hinges can be used for hidden journaling!
* Clear stiff plastic bags - cut out pieces for shaker boxes or overlay
* Leftover seeds - used in shaker boxes
* Small plastic circles from inside screw top soda bottles - accents
* Paper scraps - serendipity squares or accents
* Found Objects
* Beach Sand - Shaker boxes or applied with glue to letters for texture
* Staples - for accent or shaker boxes
* Used Gift Cards or Phone cards - either scrap the memory associated with them or use them as decorative accents
* Small mementos of life - ticket stubs, teeth, matchboxes, hotel stuff,
* Bottle caps - decorate with or use as a base for pictures
* Coasters from restaurants - accents or backings !
* Tiny bits of paper - recycle into your own handmade paper!
* Lids from jars - use as templates for circles to cut out!
* Baby Food Jars - Storage of small scrapbooking embellishments
* Medicine Bottles - Storage of small scrapbooking embellishments
* Punch out holes from a small hole punch or three hole punch - accents to a page
* Scraps from cropping photos - page accents or add texture to serendipity squares
* Old necklace Pendants - use as an embellishment
* Starbucks Coffee Sleeves - Paint over the logo and use the cardboard in your layouts!
* Makeup Brushes - Apply Chalk OR clean rubber stamps
* Tabs from soda cans - embellishment - can be used as is or painted

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