Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Remove Latex Paint from Carpet

I just was repainting my bathroom for the holidays. My 7 and 8 year old boys graciously offered to help. Of course that turned into a bit of a fiasco which included paint getting on the hall carpet!

So here are some simple tips I have learned about getting latex paint off of carpet:

* Act quickly, place a paper towel or rag over as soon as possible to pull up the wet paint.

* Soak a rag in warm water and lay on the paint for about 90 seconds before gently rubbing with a circular motion. Replace the rag or paper towel every time you are starting to smear rather than pull up paint.

For very stubborn paint - Try a small bowl with warm water and 1/2 tsp of dish detergent. Rub in a circular motion until the last of the paint disappears.

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