Thursday, December 22, 2011

Simple Sacred Acts... Cleaning

To be sacred is to hold reverent in your life; a special importance and connection within your life. Why shouldn't you make simple acts special and uplifting? Create spiritual and uplifting experiances instead of just dull, every day must do's. You can incorporate these everyday acts with any faith, religion or set of beliefs. Today we will look at: Cleaning

Oh, a chore most of us hate. Cleaning the house, hearth, home. It is an endless, thankless task that we overlook or take granted most of the time. Every time we turn around there is another task to be completed. Another dirty dish, piece of laundry, cobweb to conquer!

Taking care of a home is a dynamic task. Shift your perspective on cleaning your home.

Change each act cleansing personal space into one of honoring your own self and family.

Sweep away negativity.

Wash the residue of life off your dishes and let it flow down the drain.

Clean windows to have them shine positive energy in.

Make your home a clean sanctuary away from chaos of life.

Feel peace through your actions.

Make every action a sacred act that honors yourself, your family and your spirit. Before long you will not only have a clean house, but a peaceful spirit.


  1. What a great way to approach cleaning. I find that as I clean and straighten the house any problems that occurred during the day fade with the dust. Each time I weed my garden I consciously discard any troubles along with the debris.
    If you don't mind, I'm adding you to my featured site section on my own page

  2. Thank you so much! Cleaning, weeding, tending to anything.. all those processes are spiritually renewing as well as physically renewing.

    I am honored to be added to your site. I looked, it is a marvelous place!