Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Embracing your Creativity!

Creativity is a vital pulse of our lives. It can touch every aspect of our very being. We interact with someone's creative spirit from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. From inventions to art to music - every aspect of our existance was someones exciting idea at one point. At night we play in our own playground of imagination.

We should strive to live our lives to embrace our own creative spirit. Express ourselves through crafting, music and the arts. Either through appreciation or through active creation!

Many people look at the accomplishments and creations of others and think "I could never do that!" when in truth, they could if they would just move their egos and own doubts out of the way. Will it be perfect? Maybe, maybe not. Will it be grand or fall flat? Who knows! But the important part is that it was CREATED. That you embraced your inner voice and allowed it to shout out loud THIS IS ME!!!! I am FREE to touch the stars, soar in the clouds, walk the thick green grass or dig deep within the cool fresh earth.

Creativity is more then making something or appreciating something. It is about allowing yourself to have the freedom of a voice.

Let your voice sing.


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